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Defining the Function of your Space

Certain spaces in a home serve an obvious purpose, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dining room and living room. However, what about when there are other rooms and areas that don't have a clear purpose? When touring an empty home, potential buyers can be overwhelmed at the amount of space and what they would do with each area.

The job of a home stager is to provide functionality to these spaces! Is there an oddly shaped nook in the kitchen? Creating a coffee corner or mini bar gives it purpose. An oversized living room can be divided into sections - a place to watch TV, a reading corner, or even space for children to do homework. Home stagers can create use for spaces that potential buyers may not have thought about.

Not only does home staging make a property look it's best before going on the market, it gives potential buyers the opportunity to imagine living in the space instead of just seeing an overwhelmingly empty room.

Here are some of my favorite pins on creating functionality out of space:


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