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13 Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

Summer is generally a busy moving season! Whether you know someone who just purchased a new home or signed a new lease, it's always a nice gesture to give them something for their new pad! Here are 13 of my favorite housewarming gifts, perfect for the summer season and year round:

1. Perasima Serving Bowl - Replace old, stained bowls with this gorgeous serving bowl, adding a splash of color to their kitchen!

2. Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden - This indoor flower kit grows beautiful flowers in chic mason jars! Perfect for a little bit of indoor gardening anytime of the year!

3. Rue Blue Pitcher - Speckled blue tone confetti will add some character to the kitchen! Features a friendly, rustic look.

4. Tom Dixon Candle Set - A modern trio of scented candles in copper, brass and nickel finishes will look and smell amazing in any room.

5. Wood Wall Organization Chalkboard - Great for the busy mom, over-scheduled college student or anyone in between! Add a tiny bit of organization to their lives in the midst of moving madness!

6. Entertainment Beverage Tub - Does your friend / loved one like to entertain? This beverage tub is great for both indoor + outdoor entertaining!

7. Mini Stand Mixer - Smaller + lighter than a regular mixer and cute and colorful enough to serve as a decorate for a countertop!

8. Faux Fur Ombre Throw Blanket - Soft, warm and will add a luxurious layer to any bed, sofa or chair!

9. Personalized Door Mat - has a variety of fun customized welcome mats! Find one that matches their personality.

10. Black Diamond Deca Bowls - Bowls with a gem-like effect - great for serving snacks and sitting stylishly on the counter or shelf!

11. Patio Ottoman - Outdoor ottoman pouf features bright, vibrant colors, adding flair to any patio!

12. Celine Bench - Elegant, yet modern. This bench will be ideal at the foot of a bed, next to a window, or in any small spaces that need something extra!

13. Tiered Platter Stand - For the hostess friend - great to serve appetizers on this beautiful stand.


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