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Home Staging Lighting Tips

One of the most important things when showing or photographing your home is lighting. Your lighting can make or break the overall ambiance of the space. Use these tips for lighting your home while staging so you immediately set the tone and impress potential buyers.

  1. Don't rely on one light or one height.

  2. Take advantage of as much natural light as possible.

  3. Add reflective surfaces and décor.

Don't rely on one light or one height.

You should use a variety of lighting sources to fill a room. Having multiple heights of lighting will not only make the space appear larger, it adds visual depth to the room. In addition to your ceiling lighting, having a floor lamp at eye-level, and a table top lamp at a lower height will give you the vertical brightness to spread across a space.

Take advantage of as much natural light as possible.

Although lamps and ceiling lighting is great for creating the ambiance you are looking for, prioritizing natural lighting is key. When staging a room, pay attention to where the windows are when deciding on a layout for your furniture. You never want to cover windows with large pieces, unless there isn't any natural light that shines through during the daytime or the view outside is not so pleasant. Natural light can instantly create a welcoming atmosphere and brighten up the space,. Many real estate photographers will shoot from a specific angle and at a particular time of day based on the natural lighting.

Add reflective surfaces and décor.

Adding reflective surfaces and décor causes your lighting, whether artificial or natural, to bounce around the space. Whether you opt for polished concrete flooring, marble countertops or floor / wall mirrors, reflective surfaces will help the light travel to give a layering effect. For décor, you want to try and place across from natural light sources instead of directly next to them.

When staging or preparing your home for sale, you want the lighting to feel natural and never want to overcompensate. Choosing the right bulbs is also important, white bulbs should be in the common areas, while soft white bulbs are best for bedrooms.

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