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Boston Modern provides a personalized experience for each and every client. Our team takes on an abundance of diverse projects that merge a unique style with traditional values. Each space is designed with thought, creativity, and special attention to detail that ensures function, character, and individuality. Our team guides you through every aspect of the design process - from initial design development, to recommending reputable manufacturers and contractors, to executing our designs. We strive to create a sense of comfort and belonging through exceptionally designed spaces. Our goal is to not only deliver a beautiful design but to create a design experience that our clients can be excited to be a part of.


We work carefully with our clients to lead and carry out both commercial and residential projects. We cater to homeowners, professionals, small business owners and more. We pride ourselves on maintaining close relationships with our clients, who return to our services time and time again. The best part about working with a small business is the close relationships we make with our customers to ensure every detail is met. Our team finds purpose in creating, so our customers and partners can have a place they feel at home. In short, we design for reasons greater than ourselves.


Boston Modern can serve projects of any size providing full-scale or partial services. We handle tasks for clients that pertain to starting at the construction phase or at the final furnishings phase. Our build design can endure renovating one room or building an entire home. Furnishing design involves everything that goes into your property once the build process has finished. Furnishing design is available on its own or in tandem with build design. This includes individual rooms, entire properties, and everything in between. Some of our projects include, but are not limited to; single-family homes, multi-family developments, lobby & amenity spaces, roof decks, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, or wherever you may have space that needs some love and attention!

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  • New Construction

  • Remodels

  • Furniture Design

  • Architectural Drafting

  • Space Planning

  • Interior & Exterior Materials & Finishes

  • Decor Styling

  • Color Consulting

  • Art Selections


Boston Modern Staging + Design offers a la carte and full service assistance for new construction and remodels.



Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design
Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design


We meet with our clients for a consultation to create a relationship and determine design goals and project details. Our team does our design homework and creates a custom design agreement defining project investment and scope. We maintain communication while creating your detailed concept boards to communicate design schemes. This is followed by selection boards to show all items provided in your design. At your design presentation, you'll be able to visualize your entire project, reviewing design boards and material samples. Design boards are carefully crafted to serve as the main tool in bringing a design to life. They include photos of furniture, lighting, hardware, rugs, accessories, finishes, etc. Included in this phase is a round of revisions ensuring all design preferences are considered.


Once approved, we enter the drafting phase of the design project - developing floor plans, elevations, and/or renderings to present to our clients. Floor plans and space plans aid to show scale, layout, and placement of all items in your space. Renderings will help you better visualize what your new space will look like. In order to embrace form and function, space plans and renderings ensure that every element in your space is intentional and appropriate. Included in this phase is another design presentation and round of revisions if applicable.

Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design
Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design
Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design
Boston Modern - Home Staging and Interior Design


Once all design visuals are approved, we enter the implementation phase of your design project. Our team handles all project management tasks that include but are not limited to; scheduling, budget check-ins, ordering, receiving & inspecting products, storing, delivering, installing, and styling. We guide you through every aspect of the design process and recommend reputable manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs. This phase includes site visits and communication with builders and trades to ensure your design is being implemented exactly as presented. We problem-solve as needed, and execute the design of your project from beginning to end; communicating frequently to ensure you're comfortable with every design decision. When all furnishings have been received, we'll schedule your installation and styling date! Our team delivers, installs, and styles in order to complete and reveal your new space. Overall, we manage your project with respect, professionalism, and integrity.

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Begin by submitting our contact form and telling us about your project and goals; we'll send along more details and set up a time to chat.

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