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11 Open House Tips to Get Qualified Leads

You've staged your property, had professional photos taken, spent money on digital and print advertising, and now it's open house weekend. Will people show up? Will they like the property? Will you get any qualified leads? As home staging professionals, there's nothing we love more than hearing our clients listing sold in weeks, sometimes even days!

Here are some ideas for making the most out of your open house:

1. Use an iPad or iPhone for sign-in through an app. A paper sign in sheet is so 2018! As a realtor, I'm sure you've struggled with making out a buyers handwriting. Having them sign in via an app or website, will allow you to easily store all of their contact information to follow up after the open house. Spacio is a lead capture app that describes themselves as the "#1 Open House Lead Generation System."

2. Run a live stream on Facebook or Instagram. Let people see the property, even if they weren't able to make the event. Walk through the home, highlight the key features, and answer any questions on the spot! After the stream, you can save the recording and feature it on your page.

3. Know your comps. What makes your listing unique? How does it compare to other properties on the market? Does your property have more square footage than a similar listing down the street? Do some research and highlight a few different features that will impress potential buyers.

4. Have a raffle or doorbuster and advertise it on social media. Gift cards and electronics are usually popular items to giveaway. Have a smaller prize for the first (x) amount of people to show up, such as a promotional item or even a $5 coffee-shop gift card. Raffle off a larger item from randomly choosing a name of all who signed-in.

5. Use flyers or door-hangers to invite neighbors. Take advantage of the area and neighborhood. Although they might not want to move a few doors down, they may know someone who is looking. They're also able to provide potential buyers with insight on living in the area. The week of the open house, stop by and leave the information at all of the surrounding houses and even chat with them if the opportunity presents itself!

6. Provide snacks and refreshments. Baked cookies, candies, donuts, sandwich bites or other grab-and-go snacks work best. For refreshments, set up a Keurig machine and have small bottles of water. People feel welcomed and can even sit and socialize over a cup of coffee!

7. Schedule your event strategically. Are most open houses 12-2pm in your area? Try doing 9am-11am, or 4pm-6pm. Try scheduling one mid-week after work, and again early on the weekend! Research what other homes are doing and plan yours accordingly.

8. Promote to other agents. Send a personalized note to other agents in your area inviting them to the open house. They might have your potential buyer as a client!

9. Have information available. Have a brochure readily available with the floor plan, home information, recent updates, unique features, and photos. Include a section with information about the neighborhood, the walkability, and anything that might be good for them to know beyond what they can see.

10. Play music throughout the home. Use bluetooth speakers in different rooms to have low music playing! It makes it less awkward for everyone there if it isn't so quiet and provides a fun, upbeat atmosphere.

11. Hire a vendor / entertainment. Think about who your potential buyer might be and what makes the property unique. Is it a loft space? Hire a local artist to paint a live painting that will be awarded to the homebuyer or raffled off. Does it have a large backyard? Have yard games outside with prizes for game winners. Does the home cater to a family? Set up a section for children to hang out, play with toys and color, with a certified babysitter. A young couple? Bring in a wine specialist for a complimentary tasting. A chef's kitchen? Partner with a local cafe to offer appetizers made on-site.

Having an open house should be fun and exciting. As a realtor, it should be something you invest your time and money into to show your client, as well as your potential buyer, that you really care for the property and want to get top dollar!

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