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14 Easy Home Staging Tips

1. Start with Curb Appeal - First impressions matter! Clean up your yard, remove dirt or grime from your siding, roof and gutters, paint your front door and shutters a bright (coordinated) color. Replace house numbers, lighting, mailbox and your welcome mat. Fill in empty beds with small plants or seasonal flowers. If your porch has space, add a sitting chair and side table.

2. Update the Kitchen - Store seldom used appliances to showcase your countertops and storage. Clear all countertop clutter. Paint cabinets for a facelift, or if you're not up for such a large project, simply change out the hardware for a newer look. Update your faucet if needed. If backsplash is old or dingy, you can try peel-and-stick faux tile for an inexpensive, quick update.

3. Get Rid of Clutter - Too much furniture can also add to clutter! Take away anything that is unnecessary. Removing pieces will make the space appear larger. Potential buyers should be able to walk around without being blocked by furniture. All special features, such as fireplaces or built-in shelving, should be easily accessible.

4. Re-place Furniture - Do you have all of your furniture pushed up against a wall or in a corner? Re-consider the placement. Floating items away from the wall and creating an obvious traffic flow can make the space more appealing and seem larger.

5. Add Office Space - Since a lot of people are working from home a lot more, or doing homeschooling, a workspace is likely an essential for a potential buyer. Create a room or small space dedicated to a home office. If you don't have an entire room, try a small nook, corner or closet.

6. Depersonalize - Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in your home, not think about your family living in it. Remove any personal photos or items - such as children's artwork, diplomas or degrees, vacation collectibles, etc. Replace with generic artwork.

7. Show off Storage - Clutter your closets and cabinets! Keep them organized by using baskets, bins and other storage solutions.

8. Tidy up Bathrooms - Scrub the bathrooms, and re-scrub! A dirty bathroom is a huge turn-off. Remove water-stains or any mold. Declutter and remove unnecessary products from vanity. Get new shower curtains, rugs and bathmats. If the tile is out, consider repainting, or staining grout. Create a spa look by adding white fluffy towels, some candles and fancy soap.

9. Fill your Home with Pleasant Scents - Just don't go overboard! Place a diffuser in the entryway, a scented candle in the kitchen (on the stove), and fragrant flowers in living spaces. Air fresheners can be plugged in bathrooms and bedrooms.

10. Add / Replace Lighting - Great lighting can make all of the difference! Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. Have three different types of lighting - one for ambient (general or overhead), one for tasks (a pendant, under-cabinet or reading lamps), and one for accents (tables and walls).

11. Remove Any Signs of Pets - Potential buyers may be turned off my pet odors or allergic to pet fur. Thoroughly clean any areas where your pet spends time and add air fresheners. Remove any toys / food / litter boxes, etc. to your car or somewhere not on the premises.

12. Stay Neutral but Add Accents - All of your wall paint should be neutral in color, which will appeal to the widest variety of buyers' taste. Use bolder colors as smaller accents - such as throw pillows or blankets, artwork, or small furniture or decor.

13. Fancy up the Master - Create an inviting and serene environment in the master bedroom. Invest in some plump and plush linens, add some shams, throw pillows and extra blankets. Nightstands should be uncluttered and free of personal items. Small lamps and flowers are great to add to nightstands.

14. Use Curtains to Trick the Eye - Window treatments can make a room look more spacious by adding a visual of increased height. Use a similar shade as your walls so they look wider. Hang your treatments right at the ceiling and make sure they drape down to the wall. Don't let them gather at the floor - the length should be precise!

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