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5 Quick Tips For Updating Your Bathroom

Do you cringe at the thought of home renovations? Here are 5 easy, fast and affordable ways to get a brand new look for your bathroom!

1. Swap out your shower curtain and bath rugs. Choose something that fits with your personal style and keep both the curtain and rugs in the same color family. If you tend to take design risks, go for a bold color or print. If, however, your bathroom is your sanctuary, choose a neutral color palette and use less prints and patterns in the design you choose.

2. Update and match your hardware, fixtures and accent pieces. Whether you choose silver, bronze, gold, wood, white or another tone for your pieces, it should stay consistent throughout. Match your mirror, to your outlet covers, to your shower curtain hooks, to your vanity drawer knobs, to your soap dispenser, to your toilet paper holder... you get the point!

3. Keep rolled towels in a basket. Find towel colors that compliment the rest of the bathroom and roll them up for display! If space is limited, find a wall rack to keep towels in.

4. Put everyday disposables in glass jars. Instead of storing them in a box in the closet, keep essentials out as decor. You can get different sized glass jars for cotton swabs, Q-tips, bars of soap, band-aids or anything else you may use.

5. Use a tall shelving unit or a wall basket for additional storage. Don't have much space? Work your way up! Find a tall set of shelves, or wall hanging storage to make the most out of the space you have.

Here are some of my favorite bathroom items:


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