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DIY Modern Easter Decor via Pinterest

After you clean up the mess from decorating Easter eggs with your children, give these 'adult' decor projects a try! Not only will your home look great for Easter weekend, but these projects all include an easy way to create an expensive look at a very affordable price!

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins featuring modern, DIY Easter decor:

1. Color Block Easter Eggs - Use bright colors with gold for a fun look! (Tip: For a more sophisticated look, use black and white with the gold!)

2. Spray Painted Bunny Holders - You can find small bunny figures at a Dollar Store or places like Target or Walmart! Spray paint black and gold for a modern way to hold candy, treats or flowers.

3. Egg Centerpiece - A creative arrangement of eggs and branches! Dye eggs in a color to match your setting.

4. Golden Egg Place Setting - Modern, elegant way to seat your guests!

5. Fun, Colorful Centerpieces - Use bright colored candy or cereal and top with some tulips! Sure to brighten up any room.

6. Spring Mason Jars - Some mason jars, faux flowers and spray paint will do the job!

7. Festive Place Setting - For a bit more of a festive look, try this place setting!

Enjoy your Easter weekend with friends, family and loved ones!


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