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DIY - Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Home via Pinterest

Father's Day is right around the corner! Instead of running to the mall, take some time to make Dad a gift this year! Here are some of my favorite DIY gift ideas via Pinterest - perfect for the home!

1. DIY Beer Coasters - Easy way to turn cardboard beer carriers into custom coasters! Not a fan of beer? Use soda boxes / coffee boxes or photos instead.

2. Daddy's Girl Homemade Picture Frame - Time for some scrabble! All you need are the right letters, a frame and some glue!

3. DIY Wood BBQ Caddy - Does Dad like to grill? This will make it easier for Mom to keep all the BBQ stuff together :)

4. Garden Truck - Is Dad into landscaping? Buy a toy truck and fill it with your favorite plants and flowers - will look amazing in the front or back yard!

5. Father's Day Sock Bouquet - Using a mug, some stocks and sticks, any man is sure to love this type of bouquet! Tip: Mix Ties + Socks together!

6. Collared Shirt Wine Bag - Does Dad have an old shirt he doesn't wear anymore? Craft it into a wine bag with his very favorite wine inside!

Not very crafty? It's the thought that counts! :)


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