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7 Tips for Upgrading Your Front Porch

Changing the look and feel of the exterior entryway to your home doesn't have to put a dent in your bank account. Try these easy and affordable ways to get a brand new look for your front porch/entryway area:

1. Clean Up the Space: Make sure the porch and door area is clean. Sweep away any dirt or cobwebs, wash the windows (if applicable) and use a Magic Eraser to get rid of any scuff marks. Remove any unnecessary objects (rakes, brooms, toys, etc.) and store them elsewhere.

2. Paint Your Door: Choose a contrasting color for your door to make it stand out. Yellow is one of my favorite door colors and goes with a variety of house colors. Bright door colors, such as pinks, blues, yellows and greens are in for 2017.

3. Update Your Exterior Lighting: Adding the right porch lighting is key! Front entry lighting can define the look and feel of your home. Choose between a wall-mount, ceiling-mount, or in large spaces, a combination of the two. Choose from a modern, contemporary or traditional style depending on your preference.

4. Update Your Door Hardware: Changing out your doorknob, adding a mail slot or a door knocker can change the look and feel of your front door.

5. Choose the Right Decor: The decor you choose should fit the space and style of your home. Don't overcrowd or under-crowd the area. If your front porch consists of only a few steps, adding a flower pot and flag can do the trick. If you have a larger area, opt for some seating and hanging flowers mixed with floor plants to create levels and fill the space.

6. Create an Inviting Space: If you have a large area, use a patio set or a swinging bench to create a space that family and friends can hang out.

7. Add Some Flowers: Flowers add so much warmth, color and vibrancy to the front of a home! In the fall, add some pumpkins in to the mix. For spring, choose bright, big flowers. During the holidays, hang a wreath on your front door. Line them along the walkway, on stairs or at the door - just don't overdo it!

Not sure where to start or what pieces to choose? Contact Boston Modern Staging + Design for a free consultation.


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