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Creative Ways to Design a Kitchen Nook

Kitchen nooks, generally a small space somewhere in your kitchen or dining room, provide a relaxed, cozy atmosphere for you to unwind or for your family to gather over coffee or a meal. When designed properly, these spaces can become the focal point of your entire kitchen, adding tons of character and style. There are so many different options when creating a kitchen nook - which style of bench or chairs to use, what kind of table, the decor and color scheme around it - the options are endless! Here are some creative ways to build a kitchen nook:

Creating your breakfast nook along a wall of windows makes it the perfect spot to relax before a busy day! A built-in banquette adds hidden storage. Pair with a tulip table and add additional chairs when necessary.

This padded bench has built in storage underneath the cushions - great for adding additional storage space

If you don't have a dedicated space, any corner will do! You can use a built in or stand-alone bench to wrap the corner.

Built in benches can be created in front of windows or along walls of any size. Adding a table and modern chairs to match will create the perfect informal seating area.

Even if your space is small, don't give up! Use a smaller pedestal table and chair to create seating for two.

Use bar stools as chairs and easily tuck them underneath the table when not in use.


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