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Space Saving Furniture & Design Ideas for Children's Bedroom

With clothes, toys, books and other items, the space in your child's bedroom can often feel overwhelmingly cluttered! Oftentimes, kids rooms serve as their sleeping quarters, play room and homework area. However, thanks to small-space furniture and storage ideas, your child's bedroom CAN be organized! Here are some tips for saving space with furniture and design:

1. Use clutter bins that can also serve as a decoration. If there are fun, easy spaces for your child to put their things away, they may be more inclined to do so.

2. To maximize closet storage, double closet rods! You'll have more space to hang and it will leave room for laundry, additional dresser storage or shelves.

3. Use old cans to maximize wall space! You can use them to store art supplies, legos, smaller toys and other items.

4. Think UP! Using high-rising shelves and putting toys that are less used on the top will allow for more storage space.

5. Using a busy pattern on a carpet or bright, colorful floor tiles will allow your focal point to be on the floor rather than the small dimensions.

6. Invest in a Loft Bunk. Combine sleep, storage, work and play all in one! The space underneath can serve as a homework area, reading nook or play space.

7. Use rolling bins for under bed storage! Your child will be able to easily pull in and out for toys or clothes.


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