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Preparing Your Home to Host for the Holidays

Hosting a holiday party can be a ton of fun, and extremely stressful! You want your house to be in top-notch shape to impress your family and friends. Here are some easy tips for preparing your home to host a holiday party, so you can enjoy the night just as much as your guests!

1. Declutter: Be sure to declutter guest rooms and public areas (foyer, kitchen, living room, family room, dining room, bathroom). Remove anything unnecessary from tables, countertops, etc. If you're short on time or have no where to put everything, just pile it up in a private area of your home and put everything back after your guests leave.

2. Create Drink Stations: Create a coffee station & mini-bar section. Whether your guests want a warm cup of coffee or an ice-cold margarita, make sure you have different sections where they can access what they want. Also have a spot for non-alcoholic drinks as well. Moving the coffee station into a hallway or dining area will help keep the kitchen under-control.

3. Dress Up Your Hallways: A simple evergreen, fresh flowers or holiday accessories can spruce up the hallway or any extra nooks. If you have plants, decorate them with lights, garland or festive holders.

4. Display Your Holiday Cards: Create an arrangement on an empty wall in a creative way. Use ribbon or even clothespins. Guests will appreciate seeing their holiday cards being put to use and not stored away in a basket somewhere.

5. Make Space in the Entryway: Your entryway is the first place your guests will see, so make a good first impression! Place a rug or welcome mat. Decorate with pretty greenery, sparkling lights and holiday decor. Clear out any of your personal items (shoes, umbrellas, jackets) to leave room for guests to hang and leave their belongings. Add an extra coat rack for guests and a bench where they can easily remove their shoes if you require it.

6. Prepare Bathroom: Make sure toilet paper, towels, tissues, hand soap, etc. is all out of hiding so guests can easily find what they need. If you don't have enough space, use baskets. Keep a plunger somewhere in the bathroom just in case, to avoid any embarrassment!

7. Make Sure it Smells Good: Put out a few holiday scented candles (instead of over-spraying any fragrance).

8. Childproof Your Home: If you know some of your guests have young children, be sure to store away any harmful objects or decor, as well as do some childproofing. Make sure table corners are covered and cabinets and drawers are secured.

9. Bring Out Extra Seating: Make sure you have extra chairs or stools to ensure all of your guests are comfortable!


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