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HSR 2018 Home Staging Statistics - Staging Works!

The results from the 2018 HSR Certified Professional Home Stagers Statistics Survey are in, and they're incredible! In the survey, the Home Staging Resource studied the results of 4,200 staged homes (the largest study of staged homes ever)!

Location of Home's Surveyed:

23% North Eastern United States

15% South Eastern United States

8% Mid Western United States

28% South Western United States

20% North Western United States

5% Canada

1% International

The 2018 Home Staging Statistics reflect the current real estate market and amount of money seller's are being from investing in the staging of their home versus a seller who isn't investing in staging within their respective markets.


Over 85% of those 4,200 STAGED homes saw at least 6% - 25% MORE from selling their professionally staged home than the home in the same market that was NOT professionally staged!

Of that 85% about 68% of the staged homes sold for at least 9% more than their neighbor's un-staged home.

The also found a direct correlation between stagers who charged a bit more to provide top-notch staging services and the homes that got the highest results in price.

When sellers spent just .5% more on their staging services, they saw at least a 6% increase in price difference!

With tighter budgets it's oftentimes hard to provide everything a home needs to be perfectly staged. The extra cosmetic updates, such as a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures or flooring can make a HUGE difference in the sale price.

For a free home staging consultation, please contact me today!


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