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Spring Home Patio Makeover

Now that spring is here, you'll probably be spending a lot more time outdoors! It's time to uncover your patio furniture, set up your accessories, clean off the grill and put that space to use once again. No matter the size of your space, you can make the most of it by decorating with pieces that fit the area. Here are a few tips for getting your outdoor patio / deck ready for the warm seasons:

1) Make sure your furniture fits. Whether you have a large cement patio space, a smaller porch or deck, or even some tiny balcony space, you can find furniture that will work with the space you have. Ensuring that you're using the right size furniture will allow you to be comfortable no matter the size. If you have a larger area to fill, outdoor sectionals, seating arrangements, tables and sets will work. For smaller areas, opt for a small table and chair, or a cushioned comfortable chair with a side table.

2) Get useful decor. Do you like to read outdoors? Make sure you have a comfortable chair with a table for a drink/snack. Are you more of a social butterfly? Find a furniture set with enough seating for your friends and family. Do your children play outside? Get enough storage that your space won't look messy and feel cluttered with all of their outdoor doors.

3) Plant flowers and greens. Plants and flowers always set the tone. You can choose from decorative shrubs or plants, bright colored floral arrangements or even some leafy trees! Mix it up to have a variety and arrange to fit your specific taste. The beauty of planting is there's not one way to do it! Get some nice pots that will serve as accent pieces to your decor.

4) Add bright, vibrant colors. Nothing says summer like bright colors! Oftentimes, these colors won't work in our home, so what better place to experiment with rich hues of yellows, greens, pinks, blues and oranges? Adding color throw pillows, sun umbrellas, or table centerpieces can make your area more inviting. If you have space, get a bright colored outdoor area rug. Lamps, garden accessories, plastic wear and more will all make a great addition to your outdoor space.


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