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The Benefits of Occupied Home Staging

Most people associate home staging with new or empty properties. However, organizing and staging an owner occupied home has huge benefits. Not to mention, the cost of staging an occupied home is usually less since there's already furniture and decor inside the home that your stager can work with.

Once you've lived in your home for years, even decades, things can get outdated, messy and cluttered. Flaws are no longer noticable - the chipped paint on your baseboards doesn't bother you anymore, the discolored grout in your bathroom is covered with a new rug, or the ripped lamp shade has become a part of your decor. These are all things that a potential buyer would notice when searching for their new home.

Another reason owner occupied properties would benefit from home staging is to de-personalize the space. Although your design style may work for you and your family, you should present your property as appealing as possible to many people. Your unique style may not work for potential buyers.

Home staging focuses on the actual property - not the people who live in it! A home stager can bring out the unique features, floor plan, and overall character of each space. Strategically placing furniture and decor can allow for things such as more natural light, the feel of a larger living area, and changing the ambiance of the room. Creating a focal point allows the buyers to see what you want them to see, without focusing too much on the negative aspects of flaws of the space. If you have any unique spaces, a home stager can turn these into purposeful spaces.

Utilizing the expertise of a home stager will help you sell your home faster, and maximize your sale price. When a buyer can visualize themselves living in your space, they're creating an emotional connection with the property, which could result in a bidding war! Having your home up-to-date with current trends and color palettes will give the impression that your home is move-in-ready and has been well maintained, regardless if any updates may or may not be needed.

Investing in home staging is a proven marketing technique for selling your home. Whether you're selling your home as a homeowner, or you're a real estate agent selling occupied homes, using a professional stager will sell the home faster and for top dollar. For a free consultation, please contact us!


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