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5 Summer Design Trends For Your Home

After a long winter of epic snowstorms and a spring full of gloomy, cold, rainy days, it's hard giving up the heavy throw blankets and warm, furry pillows! However, don't let summer pass you by without paying attention to some of the season's hottest trends. You don't have to go all out either, just a few minor updates can really change the ambiance of the entire space!

1. Ultra Violet: UV is Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year. This bold, vibrant shade of purple acts as a the perfect contrast to any space - instantly adding a pop of color to your decor or furniture pieces. Or, you can opt for the more dramatic route and paint an accent wall.

2. Wellness / Calming Spaces: Everyone needs their own private space where they can kick back and relax - without having to go to the spa to do so! Design a space in your home where you can unplug. Whether it's a reading corner with aromatherapy or a spa tray and scented candles in your bathroom, you can make this space your own. Try using a neutral color palette.

3. Ceilings: Designers have been referring to ceilings as "the fifth wall" and this trend is slowly taking over. Homeowners are opting for a bright color, a contrasting neutral color, and also dark, saturated colors.

4. Fringe: Fringe is becoming more and more popular in the world of home decor! From lamps, to pillows, to throws, these pieces are stemming off trends in the fashion world. They're fun, playful and can add a twist to your design.

5. Terrazzo: Terrazzo, a trend from the 70s, is making it's way back into interior design. Terrazzo tiles include tiny chips of marble, glass, granite and quartz and are seen all over blogs, Pinterest and social media! Designesr are using this in bathrooms and outdoor spaces. To still follow this trend, but in a lesser way, terrazzo coasters make the perfect accent!


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