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Four Investments to Help Sell Your Home

Are you getting ready to put your home on the market or, on the flip side, has it been sitting on the market with little activity? No matter what the case may be, you want to de-personlize your home and have it appeal to as many potential buyers as possible. Here are four upgrades that are sure to generate more buzz and get you top dollar for your property:

1. Update Flooring: New carpeting, tiles, laminate, or hardwood may seem like a lot of work and big investment, however, you will see the return! New buyers will NOTICE new flooring! The look and the feel will stand out, and not having to live on someone else's old floors or carpet will make a difference in how they view the home. Replacing flooring could help you avoid a potential future price reduction.

2. Landscaping: Spend a few hundred dollars to have a professional landscaper perk up your yard. Trim trees and shrubs or remove anything that is dying. Remove weeds and replace mulch. Fertilize your lawn and add flowers or some colorful plants! Doing this will increase your curb appeal and patio, showing it's a well-maintained property.

3. Paint Walls Neutral: Light, neutral colors have been proven to appeal to the most potential buyers. Paint is an inexpensive upgrade that you can do yourself. People don't want the light pink walls your daughter had, or the sports wallpaper in your son's room. And although you thought the bright green accent wall in your living room was a nice added touch, doesn't mean others will! Choose a nice, light neutral white, taupe, tan or grey to help a home shopper be able to envision adding their own personal touch to the space

4. Occupied Staging: Most people associate home staging with new or empty properties, however, having a professional come in and organize and stage your home can ensure your space gets de-personalized and has an updated style to appeal to all personalities. Utilizing an expert will help you sell your home faster, and maximize your sale price. Learn about Boston Modern's Occupied Staging services.


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