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2018 Home Trends to Guide Your Staging

Each year, Fixr delivers a report on staging home trends. When any staging professional is doing a project, the first step is to understand the target audience and what they're looking for when buying a home. In this recent survey, top industry influencers share what they felt were top trends in single-family homes for 2018.

Before staging any property or consulting on design, your staging professional should be aware of what your potential buyer is looking for. In 2018, you'll see a predominantly younger demographic since baby boomers are making up the bulk of the home buying market! With these younger buyers, paying attention to what is important to them will make all of the difference rather than relying on previous year trends.

Although home stagers can't change entire floor plans, we can recommend contractors to remove a wall or two, making it more of an open space which is more appealing to buyers. Over 70% of real estate influencers believe this open floor plan will attract higher paying buyers. They're great for entertaining and maximize natural light, while allowing for a versatile set-up.

The "Smart Home" is another trend this year. Although everything doesn't need to be automated, switching out lights for smart bulbs, building in a smart thermostat or door lock can make a big difference. 50% of real estate influencers surveyed feel that smart homes will be the biggest feature for the rest of 2018. Beside the fact that they're accessible, functional and make life easier for millennial homebuyers, smart homes can also save 10%-30% on energy bills.

Curb appeal is EXTREMELY important to a home! 2018 trends for home exteriors include using cool colors such as gray, blue, white and black, and added potted or raised planters for a pop of color.

For tips on how to prepare your home for sale, following trends, or for a home staging consultation, please contact us!


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