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Report: The Buyers and the Design Trending in 2018

Fixr has released their latest report on "The Buyers and the Design Trending for 2018", as shared by the National Association of Realtors. As a professional stager, staying on top of industry trends can make all of the difference when attracting potential buyers and ensuring a quick and successful sale.

Finding 1: Gen Xers Lead the Shift Towards the Higher Income Group

Currently leading the market for those likely to buy a single family home is Generation X (baby boomers, preceding the Millennials). Millennials are right behind, with about 34% of single family home sales.

Finding 2: Home Size Trends and Location

According to the U.S. Census data, people are downsizing and home size trends are falling. The most popular home size is around 2,150 square feet, however, the downsized 1,100 sq. ft. is slowing growing in popularity. Downsizing could correlate to homebuyers interesting in urban areas. Why are people downsizing? The most common answers reported were due to minimalist lifestyles and a focus on travel.

Finding 3: Open Floor Plans Continue to Grow in Popularity

Open floor plans have been an increasingly popular trend over the last few years, and will only continue to grow. 76% reported that they see it as a popular option for years ahead. The National Association of Home Builders have also reported that more than 80% of new home builders are creating at least a partially open floor plan.

Finding 4: Green and Energy Efficient Design

40% reported that they would like a green and energy-efficient theme to apply to single-family homes, with 50% saying the "Smart Home" will most likely apply. With paying more attention to efficient designs, you can reduce energy bill costs over time. Using an increased amount of natural light and recycled materials is also a nice upgrade. Homeowner also want to see Energy Star Rated applainces.

Finding 5: The Great Outdoor Design Improves Curb Appeal

Landscaping accounts for about 28% of a home's value! Homeowners want a backyard garden, porch or patio. Younger buyers are more likely to have families and want outdoor space for entertaining.

Finding 6: Home Safety

With natural disasters happening more often than we would like, homeowners are now concerns about the safety of their home. 50% reported that a backup generator will be a trend, while fire alarms and sprinkler systems follow close behind. Safety upgrades are an important investment in any home.

Finding 7: Automation

As Amazon Echo, Google Home and other voice controlled automation devices continue to grow in popularity, more industry influencers feel that this artificial intelligence will be incorporated into a home's design. 82% think that homes are ready for these smart upgrades - also including smart plugs, lights, and locks so buyers can integrate their systems right into their mobile devices.

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