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Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas - Do It Yourself!

Halloween is a fun time to decorate, dress-up, entertain, and trick-or-treat! You don't have to go over the top to spice your home up for the holiday! Just a tiny bit of Halloween spirit can go a long way, and work with any decor style.

1) Black & White: Stick to the basics. Using black and white decor will keep your home looking modern and chic, but giving it a bit of the Halloween glow.

2) Patterned Pumpkins: Pumpkins are a staple fall decoration. Take a modern twist on a classic piece of decor by using matte black and metallic spray paints to customize, or stick with the traditional black / white / orange in a modern pattern. Use duct tape as stenciling or dress it up with jewels or beads. Try for a softer approach by painting white and dripping a metallic color down for a creepy affect. Seat pumpkins on pedestals to create leveling.

3) Halloween Throw Pillows: Not a fan of the bright orange and black decor? Adding throw pillows with a fun pattern, such as skulls, can add a tiny pinch of Halloween spirit to your home.

4) Chalkboard Bottle Holders: Using empty wine bottles, cover with chalk paint and stick a black candle inside for a festive centerpiece.

5) Porch Decor: Take a walk and find the largest branches you can! Adding branches, pumpkins, and some faux black birds might scare off some trick-or-treaters but will have your porch looking spooktacular!


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