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Trends for Decorating Small Spaces

When living in a smaller space, you really need to make the most of it. Following some of these trends will ensure you're utilizing the space to create function and character.

1. Use Up All Your Space: Take a look around your home. My guess is you have some space that isn't being used! Use these areas to create workspaces, reading nooks, seating areas, or for storage. If you have an empty space below the stairs, an empty hallway, or corner, find some furniture or decor that can fill the space to make it practical for your home.

2. Dramatic Light Fixtures: In smaller spaces, light fixtures stand out! Make a statement by opting for something dramatic to have a big impact instead of a simpler design. Light fixtures can always change the dynamic of a space, drawing attention to that instead of the size of the room.

3. Extra Large Artwork: With small spaces, people tend to think the walls can't handle large pieces of artwork. However, opting for a larger piece over gallery frames or small wall decor, can make the wall space look larger and change the vibe of the entire room by creating this focal point.

4. Low Seating: Depending on the height of your ceiling, opting for low seating can create an illusion of more space in a tiny room. The low seating trend has really gained popularity for those with a modern design style. Since sofas are generally the largest piece of furniture in a room, keeping in lower will give you visual space but also serve its function.

5. Mismatching Dining Room Chairs: Draw attention to the center pieces of a smaller sized dining room by mixing up the chairs at your table. Using different style chairs or different end chairs, can make a statement. Always be sure to find one element that ties them together, whether it's color, texture, or materials.

6. Painted Ceilings: Although walls should stay neutral, changing the color of your ceiling can change the look and feel of the room. Choose a contrasting color or patterned wallpaper.


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