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2019 Kitchen Design Trends

Thinking of moving and not entirely sure what to look for in a kitchen? Or what about a new re-design / renovation to give your space an updated look? Here are the top kitchen trends predicted for the new year.

1. Adding color: Although white kitchens have always (and will always) be on trend, adding a pop of color here and there is gaining popularity with homebuyers. You can add color anywhere - from counters, to backsplash, to island, accent walls, cabinets, backsplash... you name it, I'm sure you can throw a little bit of color in there! Opt for accessories if you're not ready for a permanent splash. Not sure what color to choose? Check out PANTONE's Fall/Winter Color Report and How Interior Paint Colors Can Affect Your Mood.

2. Italian Terrazzo: Terrazzo is becoming widely popular in kitchen designs. Although generally used as flooring, the material is making its' way into newly constructed or renovated homes and is no longer only being used for flooring! This Italian style is being added to walls, backsplash, and counters, creating a unique and luxurious look.

3. Matte Appliances: The darker kitchen has been becoming more and more common over the years. Younger buys like the modern, bold look. Although glossy can often come off cheap and tacky, the matte texture compliments most other kitchen materials. Check out some of our favorite Matte Black Accessories for Your Home.

4. Gold, Copper and Bronze Accents: Adding some metallic gold, copper or bronze to your small kitchen fixtures, such as knobs, faucets, taps, handles, etc. are a great contrast to your light or dark cabinets. They give off a classy, modern vibe, or depending on the style, can create a vintage, luxurious ambiance.

5. Open Shelf Space: Although it's a good hideaway for mismatched dishes and not having to tidy up all the time, a lot of designers are choosing open shelving in kitchens. Yes, you'll have to buy some pretty dish-ware and glasses, but you can also get wooden boxes or containers and store other stuff as well.

6. Go Green: If you cook, or simply want to add some green to your kitchen, create a herb wall. Not only is it convenient to have the fresh herbs at your fingertips, the added green adds a bit of nature and soothing vibe to the space.

7. Light Fixtures: Recessed lighting isn't going anywhere, however, add some character by installing pendant lighting over islands or tables. It becomes a focal centerpiece for the room, and works wonders, especially in small kitchen spaces.

8. Cabinet Handles: Handles and knobs can be forgotten when designing a kitchen. Make it a priority! Choosing the right unique handle can create an entirely different ambiance in your kitchen. There are thousands of shapes, colors, materials, sizes, etc. that are available.


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