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Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Oftentimes we try so hard to keep up with the latest "trends" that we forget to add elements that showcase our personalities and bring some character into our homes! You don't want your home feeling outdated and bland. You want to add furniture and accessories that liven the space up! HGTV shares a great article with 31 Ways to Kick Up the Character in Your Home. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Fill your entryway or hallways with assorted prints, frames and wall decor.

2. Give life to old or plain stairs by adding a textured carpet.

3. Cabinets / storage chests with carved detail add a special element.

4. Unique tile and/or stools will definitely showcase your personal style!

5. Use brackets for wall shelving.

6. Paint your ceiling (or insert) a contrasting color.

7. Dramatic light fixtures become the focal point of your room!

8. Who says art has to be canvas or hangable? Repurpose, like the woven baskets hanging on these walls!

9. Different patterns and textures for sofas or chairs add statement-piece status.

10. Placing a bench at the foot of your bed creates a warm, inviting vibe.

11. Add blankets with colors and textures to make the space pop.

12. Open shelving allows you to swap out decor based on season or mood!


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