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Last Minute Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Some of us are excited to have a few days off this week to relax and enjoy time with friends and families. Others, however, are hosting Thanksgiving and need to make sure the house is in order, the food is all set, guests are entertained and there's something for the children too! Here are a few last minute items to pick-up for the Thanksgiving holiday:

1. Place cards - Eliminate any confusion when it's time to sit down with personalized place card holders.

2. Emile Henry Classic Roaster - This ceramic baking dish made from Burgundy clay is known for heat-retention and thermo-shock properties, being able to go directly from freezer to oven to table!

3. Insulated Stemless Wine Glass - this works wonders for a long day in the kitchen! It will keep your wine cold, and the shape helps your grip to ensure there are no accidents.

4. 18-Piece Glass Container Set with Lids - Perfect for all of your leftovers! Store some in your fridge or let others take a dish home. These glass storage containers are oven / microwave / freezer and dishwasher safe.

5. Extra Kitchen Towels - having some handy for clean-up or spills is always a good idea!

6. Arts & Crafts for the Kids - Do you have children coming to Thanksgiving? Be sure to have some activities ready to keep them busy until dinner is ready!

7. Coat Rack - Although you may have space for your families jackets, oftentimes when other people come over they end up throwing their jackets and belongings in your bedroom or another place out of the way. Avoid this with a coat rack! Store after the holiday.


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