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Modern Christmas Tree Ideas

'Tis the season! Are you putting up a Christmas tree this year? When we think of a holiday tree, we often think of a big fluffy green tree, with ornaments, garland, candy canes and a giant star on top. However, your tree doesn't have to fit the mold! When choosing your tree and decor, it should match your personality, style and taste. Whether you're set on a specific color scheme or style, you should make your tree a holiday statement this year!

If you'd rather opt for a modern, minimalist or maximalist tree instead of a traditional design, check out some of my favorite options below:

1. Go White: There's nothing more minimalist, yet elegant than an all white themed tree! Coat the green branches in snowy white flocking and decorate with your favorite white or neutral ornaments, flowers, and garland.

2. Modern Luxury: Use silk flowers to decorate a tree for an over-the-top grand look. Rich red flowers in a pattern, mixed with rich gold ornaments, are sure to make a statement! Instead of opting for a star on top, use ribbon or flowers to create the perfect tree topper.

3. Go Mobile: Who says your tree has to stay in one place? This example of a galvanized wash tub and old baby buggy make the perfect mobile base! Keep it in your entryway or move it to the family room.

4. Shiny Silver: This simple, uncluttered decor is perfect for pairing with some colorfully wrapped gifts to place under the tree!

5. Matchy-Matchy: Stick with the theme of your room and your tree can become a statement piece of decor. If the color scheme of your room includes purples, as shown in the photo, stick to that and create a purple themed tree! Whether you're home is traditional, contemporary or modern, choosing a tree to reflect that style will complement your design.

6. Black & White: No space for a large tree? Opt for something smaller and use larger ornaments! Stick to the black & white theme for a simple approach - so it doesn't overpower the space.

7. The Space Saver: Trees don't have to be big and round! If you don't have a ton of space to decorate, choose a taller, skinny pencil tree.


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