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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Hosting

The holidays are supposed to be a relaxing time of year when we all get to take some time off from work and spend our days with family, friends and loved ones. For the group of us who host holiday events, however, it can be an extremely stressful time, too! You need your house in perfect condition to impress your guests. Don't worry - here are some tips to get you started on preparing your home for holiday fun:

1. Declutter. If you'll have people in your kitchen, bathroom and living areas, be sure to get rid of anything unnecessary! Store it in the basement, attic or garage until after the holidays are over. Remove anything unnecessary from countertops, tables, shelving. Make room in your coat closet for your guests.

2. Extra Seating. Make sure you have extra chairs around so guests feel comfortable.

3. Bathroom. Make sure there's toilet paper, hand towels, tissues and soap all accessible. You can even go the extra mile and leave a basket of other things that guests may need, such as band-aids, a lint roller, eye drops, Advil, mints, cough-drops, tampons / pads, hairspray, tide-to-go, Brush-ups and dental floss.

4. Hallways / Entryway. Often the most overlooked space, your front hallway / entryway should make a good impression! Be sure to have a welcome mat out so guests can wipe their shoes off. Have extra hangers or hooks available to hang jackets. You can take the extra step and add some holiday cheer by hanging string lights, fresh poinsettias, garland or holiday accessories.

5. Drink Stations. Whether your guests want a beverage to go with their meal, a hot coffee, or even something a bit stronger, having different stations where they can get what they want is key! Be sure to separate the non-alcoholic drinks from alcohol. Having stations in different places, such as the dining area or in a hallway, with help with over-crowding the kitchen.

6. Holiday Cards. Put them up for display! Your family will enjoy knowing that the time they took sending your card wasn't a waste. Can't find a card holder? Use ribbon or clothespins and get crafty!

7. Ambiance. Be sure to set the mood (and the smell) with some fun holiday candles. Be sure they are out of reach of younger children and also in a place that won't cause them to be knocked over.

Happy Holidays!


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