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2019's Hottest Cabinet and Countertop Trends

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home! Having an updated, well-designed kitchen will set the tone for the rest of your house. Selecting the right cabinets and countertops are key to designing, or re-designing, your kitchen. This year, dark countertops, bold patterns, and matte surfaces are IN! There will be an emphasis on pared-back cabinetry, quality materials and mixing & matching metals, bold colors, and earthy-feels.

Top Cabinet Trends for 2019

1. Stained Wood - If your outdated wood cabinetry is still in good condition, consider staining it as an easy and cost-effective alternative to painting or replacing. Gray is a popular stain choice. Staining allows the natural grain of the wood to show but can update the color and aesthetic.

2. Glass Doors - Glass front doors are the grown-up version of open shelves. You can still showcase your collectibles, but they'll be behind glass. If you're not tidy and organized, it's probably best to stay away from this trend or try mixing and matching glass and full doors.

3. Storage - Floor-to-ceiling storage is taking up kitchen walls! Storage walls are a modern equivalent to the classic butler's pantry, updated for today's smaller spaces.

4. Open Shelves - Forged-Iron opening shelving is edgy and elegant. You can showcase your kitchen-ware and collectibles.

5. Shaker Doors - Shaker doors are the most timeless style you can choose! Its' simple, square-paneled design can be paired with any modern hardware and works well with industrial, contemporary, or country-style kitchens.

6. Matte - Matte, especially matte black, is making it's way into homes. This captivating trend is sultry and bold - making a statement. Pairing with wooden countertop sets the tone.

Top Countertop Trends for 2019

1. Dark - Choosing dark countertops to compliment dark cabinetry is seen more often with newly designed kitchens. Moodier-hued designs add an elegant sense of drama and are easy to manage.

2. Concrete - Many are going for a textural / industrial style countertop such as concrete. It comes in a variety of colors, textures and finishes.

3. Quartz - Quartz was introduced as a high-end alternative to granite, and is here to stay. Unlike granite, liquids will not stain your countertops and is extremely low maintenance.

4. Veining & Patterns - Homeowners are going for more character when choosing countertops. Realistic veining and interesting patterns are adding personality to the kitchen.

5. Mix & Match - Combining different materials such as stone countertops, glass shelving and metal accents is becoming popular with new homeowners.

6. High-Contrast - A high-contrast surface is eye-catching. This bold statement will give you a focal point and prove visually appealing in your kitchen.

Which trends are your favorites?

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