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2019 Stylish Color Trends

"From powerful aquas to energizing corals, there’s a reason these palettes reign supreme this year." via Elle Decor

In 2018, home designs got a bit edgier with a bolder, darker color palette. This year, interior designers are taking a softer approach. The colors that top paint brands have selected for this year include more natural, vibrant hues of aquas, to corals and neutrals.

Here are some of the top color trends for 2019:

Photo by Eric Piasecki

Olive Green: Olive green is the perfect way to make a statement. This hue has a subtle way of brining nature indoors, yet portrays a rich tone that pairs with bright, saturated colors.

Photo by Simon Upton

Rich Bronze: Shades of bronze give off a traditional Southwestern vibe, while adding a touch of industrial. It provides a modern, dramatic aesthetic to your space.

Photo by Dustin Halleck

Neutrals with Pops of Blues: Adding shades of blues to your neutral color palette is a big trend for 2019. You can pair different shades and materials of blues to create some texture in your space. Adding a hint of metallic will add more of a luxurious feel as well.

Photo by William Waldron

70s Mod Squad: The 70s are, no doubt, iconic when it comes to interior design style. By pairing rich shades of oranges and yellows, with honey browns and denim blue, you can create a modern version of 70s style for a timeless aesthetic.

Photo by Sherwin Williams

Jewel Toned Accents: Jewel toned furniture and accents are making their way into homes this year! Adding pops of color, without overdoing it, is sure to add character to any space.

Photo by Gilles Trillard

Woodland Shades: Although hues of green are being used to bring nature indoors, the woodlands are gaining popularity with interior design. The earthy-gray blended with warm brown adds a naturalist feel.

Photo by Carolyn Pressly

Energizing Coral: Living Coral was Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year, so of course designers are vamping home decor with this beautiful shade! Coral brings an optimistic, happy and energetic vibe to your space. Adding other hues of orange and pinks can really uplift the mood.

Photo by Simon Upton

Saturated Moody Hues: Darker, bolder colors continue to be a staple in design trends. If you have a smaller space, using dark colors for an accent wall, furniture, or custom built-ins or cabinetry is the way to go. If you have a lot of natural light, then you can use more of this moody tone.

Photo by Tim Nehotte Photography

Pale Pink Colorways: Pale pink is gaining momentum as being the choice for a neutral palette. You can mix this shade with whites and pale yellows for an ideal look.

Photo by Valspar

Digitally Inspired: Adding higher intensity shades, such as bright purples or blues, with an accent of lighting, gives off a color experience of "smart home", which more designers are opting for.

Photo by Trevor Tondro

Misty Blues: Softened blues, with a touch of haziness and hints of grays, gives off a calming aesthetic.

Photo by Sherwin Williams

Optimistic Yellows: Yellows can brighten up any space! Yellow is often associated with optimism and being happy, creating a rich and inviting atmosphere.

Photo by Sherwin Williams

Soft Terracottas: Cavern Clay, Sherwin Williams' 2019 Color of the Year, adds a Southwestern vibe to your space. If you want a nature inspired feel, with a contemporary twist, incorporating terracottas is the way to go.

Photo by Valspar

Electric Citrus: For those who aren't afraid to go bold, choosing a more extreme, playful accent is sure to create a statement. Choose an electric shade such as lime green, citrus orange or bright yellow to create the aesthetic.

Photo by Lowes

Dirty Blush: If pale pink is too light for you, try this hue of pink. Although still soft, this rosy neutral / muted blush adds a bit more character. This timeless hue create a serene, spiritual aesthetic.

Photo by Benjamin Moore

Almost White: What's more classic than an all-white palette? Staying pure and simple works in most cases. With this minimalist look, shades will adapt to almost any lighting, furniture and accents.

Photo by Sherwin Williams

Power-Inducing Aquas: This vivid-but-calm hue was chosen by HGTV as their Color of the Year. This vibrant shade can be used on its own or as an accent. Its been promoted as a "power" color, perfect for any space.

See the full article and other color trends via original article from Elle Decor.

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