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Top Home Design Trends of 2019

Many homeowners looking to sell their home often rely on their real estate agent for tips and tricks on styling and staging their home for greatest sale potential. Staying on trend will allow you to present your property as move-in ready and attract the most buyer personalities.

Check out some of my favorite home design trends for this year:

1. Classic Black: Black is coming back in style through appliances, fixtures, cabinets, decor, doors and paneling. Not only does it make a strong statement, it's also a classic/timeless color. A past blog post shares some of our favorite matte black finds for your kitchen.

2. Terrazzo Finishings: This speckled stone-like composite material was popular back in the 1980's and is slowing making a comeback! Used primarily on flooring in the past, it's now being used to finish countertops and backsplash.

3. Blue Hues: Blues are making headway for home interior designs. Many paint companies have chosen a shade of blue as their "color of the year". If you're not ready to take the plunge and paint your walls, try home accessories and accent pieces such as throw pillows, throw blankets and artwork.

4. Go Natural: As industrial-style kitchens are phasing out, homebuyers are opting for a more natural look - blending greenery within your living space.

5. Southwestern Charm: Southwest design is making a comeback. Using a warm, terra-cotta tone to compliment natural decor and greenery offers welcoming environment.


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