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Decorating Your Home for the Holiday - Modern DIY Easter Decor

After you're finished cleaning up from decorating Easter eggs with your children, give these inexpensive "adult" decor projects a try! You'll add a festive touch to Easter weekend at an affordable price.

Here are some of my favorite Pinterest pins featuring modern Easter decor:

1. Color-Blocked Easter Eggs: DIY Modern Color-Blocked Easter Eggs inspired by earthy tones and neutral pastels – from bold burgundy and terra cotta to soft pinks and sage green hues

2. Spring & Easter Arrangement: Beautiful spin on Easter Egg decor!

3. Gold Easter Egg Place Setting: A modern, elegant way to seat your guests!

4. Animal Eggs: A cute way to surprise your kids!

5. Floating Eggs: Using a copper & blue theme, this simplistic yet attractive piece of decor fits perfectly with their aesthetic.

6. Easter Themed Mason Jars: Get crafty with your arrangements! Use white or a splash of a pastel color.

7. Easter Tablescape: This soft, simple tables cape is the perfect way to dress up your table without over-doing it.


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