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Find It Friday: Spring Refresh

When the weather starts getting warmer, that means it's time to refresh our homes! Transition from the gloomy, cold, dark days of winter to the bright, warm spring season. By doing a few minor changes, you can set the tone for the new season and welcome a pleasant and inviting ambience.

1. Sheer Belgian Flax Linen Curtain: Change your drapery! Lightweight, light colors will change the look and feel of an entire room.

2. Highbridge Throw Blanket: This lightweight, light colored blanket is perfect for a cool summer evening! It will also brighten up the room if you have dark furniture.

3. Hydrangeas Floral Arrangement: Add some greenery to your room to welcome the new season.

4. Embroidered Palm with Linen Throw Pillow: Do you have dark throw pillows? Opt for light, neutral colors instead.

5. Belgian Flax Linen Duvet Cover & Sham: Swap out your winter bedding for a lighter option.

6. Beckette Hammered Vanity Mirror: Adding either floor or wall mirrors will help reflect light, brightening up any space!


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