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2020 New Year Resolutions for Your Home

2020 is just DAYS away! The time has come when we start to put away our holiday decorations and get started on our personal and professional resolutions. With the new year comes a fresh, clean slate. Now is the time to find that motivation to get things done that you may have been putting off. When making your list, be sure to create a list of resolutions for your living space. Here are 8 MUST-HAVES on a resolution list for your home:

1. Be SMART. Go GREEN: Making your home smarter and energy-efficient is better for your property and will save you money on utility bills. Upgrade your thermostat to a wireless model. These "smart" thermostats detect your patterns and automatically lower the temperature when you're not home. Install a low-flow shower head, set your cable box to automatically "power off" when not in use, replace incandescent bulbs and unplug unused appliances. Inspect your ductwork and seal where necessary.

2. PAINT: Paint colors will set the tone for the entire space. Whether you opt for a warm, calming palette, or want to go bold, do some research to see how paint colors can affect your mood. Test some colors by painting a strip and leaving it up for a week. Find accent pieces that will compliment them. Don't want to take on such a large project? Try an accent wall. Wayfair's Idea Boards are a great tool to utilize before beginning any room transformation.

3. The 3 D's. De-Clutter, Discard, Donate: Do each room one-by-one to ensure you're covering everything. Create multiple piles - one to keep, one to discard, and one to donate. If something is collecting dust, whether in a drawer, in your basement or in your closet, GET RID OF IT! Buy plastic containers to store things you're not ready to part with. This will keep your basement or storage areas as neat as can be! Cleaning out your living spaces will help you feel better.

4. Decorate: Have an empty wall? Add some frames! Displaying memories and important photos is sure to brighten your day whenever you walk past them. Not sure where to start? Head to Pinterest for inspiration! Add some texture to your hallway by finding a small bench, set of drawers, or piece of furniture that will fit. Add some artwork, shelving and accent pieces wherever you have room to transform that area. Turn a corner into useful space by creating a reading, relaxing or conversation nook. Use one of these tips for decorating unique spaces.

5. Bathroom Makeover: You don't have to go ALL OUT to change the look and feel of your bathroom. Sometimes, all it takes is a new shower curtain and carpets. To go the extra step, you can re-caulk your bathtub, tile floors and countertops if necessary, and update the hardware, faucets and accents.

6. Kitchen Clean-Up: We all have a can of vegetables or bag of snacks that we've kept just a tad bit too long. Go through each of your cabinets and pantry and discard anything that has expired. Something you won't eat? Donate it to a local food pantry. Is one of your resolutions to lose a few pounds? Take the plunge and get rid of any snack foods. Replace with healthier options that are readily accessible when you have a craving! Organize your shelves with containers and labels.

7. Plunge The Paperwork: Are you still receiving paper bills? Switch to electronic delivery. Having less "stuff" around the house will help with the organization. Less paper is also better for the environment! If you are still receiving mail, designate a spot in your home to keep paper things so they're not left all over the house. Purchase a mail organizer and store it in your kitchen, near your front door, or in a home office. Also include paper coupons, letters home from work or your child's school, and other important paperwork that you need, but don't necessarily have a place for.

8. Make Lists: The best way to ensure something gets done? Make a list and ACTUALLY write it down on paper. Being able to visualize what you want to get done, and prioritize, check off, and cross out helps with your productivity and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. Create a list of your resolutions, and a separate list of all of the tasks you need to get through to reach your goal. Dr. Lisa Varvogli says, "a list helps you not to multitask, and do one thing at a time, which we know is better for productivity and mental health too."

Happy New Year!

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