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2021 Home Collection Launches Worth Checking Out: West Elm, H&M and Marie Kondo

West Elm, H&M and Marie Kondo are starting the new year off with a bang by dropping these brand new collections. Take a peek:

West Elm offers chic furniture and affordable decor, and this new collection will surely make you want to redecorate! From comfortable sofas to a new bed frame, PopSugar shares their 22 hottest picks that you won't want to miss.

H&M's new spring 2021 collection is filled with everything you need to refresh your interiors on a budget, including accessories, textures, storage solutions, home office supplies and more. Using a modern, neutral palette, this collection offers clean lines, artistic shapes, cozy must-haves, bedroom essentials and much more. House Beautiful shares more details on this incredible new launch!

A partnership with the Container Store will offer a line of 100 organizing objects for people who ‘don’t have as many empty boxes.’ From tidiness guru to media powerhouse, Marie Kondo is expanding her organizing business into products. The NY Times describes this line as "demure and minimalist," with items ranging from bamboo boxes, to ceramic and glass food storage, to labels, to drawer organizers and more.

Which product line are you most excited about? Will you be redecorating or reorganizing any time soon?

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