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6 Home Trends Buyers Love

The National Association of Realtors share some of the key areas of design to highlight when marketing your listings.

Some of the top features for new home buyers? Open floor plans, smart home and outdoor areas. Fixr shares a study on 2020 Single-Family Home Construction and Remodeling Trends. These results could be useful for developers or real estate professionals selling a home. Here's what they found:

1. The most popular layouts are open floor plans and two-story homes.

Open floor plans aren't a new trend, but they most definitely aren't going anywhere anytime soon. 90% of experts selected an open floor plan as the most popular single-family layout. With quarantine forcing families to spend more time together, a larger open space is a premium. 77% favor two-story houses, compared to the 29% who preferred single-story homes, or the 2% who favor split-level residences.

2. Smart homes rank first among design choices.

A growing trend, but also not new, is the smart home. This happens when AI-based automation systems are incorporated into your circuits, heating / cooling systems and entrances. Some installations are on the more affordable side, but incorporating them into your new construction or remodel will add a whole new appeal. 49% of experts think smart homes will continue to be one of the most popular design choices. Although everything doesn't need to be automated, switching out lights for smart bulbs, building in a smart thermostat or door lock can make a big difference.

3. Most homeowners make accessibility modifications to their home for future personal use.

Buying a home is a long-term investment, and it’s important to plan for the future, especially if a homeowner plans to age in place. Homeowners are now considering renovations that allow them to stay put more easily. According to 54% of experts, the future need is a motivating factor behind renovations.

4. Energy efficient homes with tight building envelopes are among the top designs for green construction.

As Americans deal with the pandemic -- furloughs, layoffs, and economic uncertainty -- many are paying more attention to their energy bills. Energy efficient homes are suddenly much more attractive than conventional properties, and buyers who may not have ever considered green construction are making energy efficiency a priority. 62% of experts say energy efficient homes are a top priority in 2020, according to Fixr’s study, far outweighing other options like cool roofs or solar panels.

5. Family space and outdoor kitchens are trending in 2020.

With 65% of experts say that married couples with children are more likely to invest in an outdoor living area, having play-sets, a fire-pit and recreation-oriented yard are a must. For real estate and staging professionals, paying a bit of attention to the backyard, porch area or other outdoor living spaces can mean all the difference to a potential buyer. This trend has increased due to quarantine and social distancing, since playgrounds, parks and other attractions have become unavailable. Families now want their own outdoor spaces to entertain themselves.

Outdoor living spaces aren’t limited to playgrounds, decks, and patios. Fixr’s research shows that outdoor kitchens were nearly twice as popular as a traditional patio. The outdoor kitchen is another trend that has been steadily increasing over the past few years, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to evolve in 2020 and 2021. New recommendations for socially distant entertaining, which may be better suited for meals and meetings with friends outside, may increase the number of homeowners wanting both outdoor kitchens and seating spaces. (via NAR).

6. Contemporary and modern will be the most common styles used in modular construction.

Modular and prefab construction continues to be widely used, and Millennials are most likely to build modular homes. As part of the Fixr survey, consumers were asked which style of prefab building would be most popular in 2020. A large majority (62%) indicated that a contemporary, modern style would be most commonly selected by home buyers. The runner-up choice was ranch-style—but it was only selected by 22% of respondents.

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