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9 Easy Decorating Ideas for Fall

The autumn season marks the beginning of pumpkin spice, cozy nights by the fireplace, fuzzy sweaters and an all around warm feeling as the infamous fall foliage starts to appear. To make the most of this season, you can transition your home from the hot summer months, to the cool, autumn season. Here are some of my favorite, easy decorating ideas for the fall:

1. Repurpose an existing vase / centerpiece. Add some mini pumpkins, and replace any flowers with bright pinks or purples to muted orange / red / yellow tones.

2. Replace your coffee table decor. Use candles, pumpkins or faux fall flowers / leaves to create a new coffee table set-up specifically for the new season.

3. Swap out your door mat and spice up your porch. Find a fall themed doormat, like this one on Etsy. Pair it with a door wreath. For porch decor, pumpkins and seasonal colored flowers create a festive look for the entrance.

4. Layer up! Change the colors of your existing throw blankets and pillows in your bedroom or living spaces, or just add on to what you already have! Muted natural colors work best. Warm, fuzzy textures are perfect for the cooler season.

5. Add area rugs to cool floors to warm them up. Think hallways, your front entryway, in the kitchen, on any hardwood or tiled floors or anywhere you may not have carpet. Not only will they add a warm step, they'll also add a new aesthetic to the space if you choose the right one! Find the rug shown here.

6. Change or add decor to your fireplace mantel. If the orange tones don't go with your room aesthetic, find a color that does! You can get fall decor in almost any color - the key is for it to be a bit less saturated color than the bright colors we're used to in the spring / summertime.

7. Do you have a coffee station in your home? Swap out your mugs and flavors! Change out your regular mugs for some fall themed mugs. Change up your flavors to include some cinnamon / pumpkin / caramel or vanilla blends.

8. Update your bathroom towels to a fall color. Burnt orange is a fall staple. You can even swap out hand towels to a more seasonal theme, as well as adding in some fall colored florals.

9. Swap out your lemons for pumpkins. A bowl of fruit or lemons is a staple in the kitchen. Opts for some mini pumpkins instead! If the bright orange is too much for you, you can find some faux white pumpkins to do the trick.

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