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9 Quick Tips for Updating the Bathroom

If you're not ready for a full renovation, but want to update the look and feel of your bathroom, try these 9 quick, easy and affordable ways to get a brand new aesthetic for your full or half bath areas.

1. Update your shower curtain, bath rugs and hand towels. Decide on the new aesthetic you'd like and find a curtain, rugs and towels that fit the description. If you want to take a risk, choose a bold color and print for the curtain, while keeping the rug and hand towels neutral. If you'd rather use your bathroom as a sanctuary, choose from a light neutral color palette with limited prints and patterns.

2. Update your hardware, fixtures and accent pieces. One of the latest trends is matte black hardware, and it really looks great to contrast light neutral or wood tones. You can also choose to work with bronze, gold, silver, wood, white, or anything that fits with the look you're going for. Keep everything consistent.

3. Swap out or upgrade your mirror. Changing the mirror in your bathroom can bring a brand new vibe to your vanity area. If you don't want to replace the entire mirror, try framing or re-framing the one you currently have.

4. Use decorative baskets and storage. Roll up big, fluffy spa-like towels and display them in a basket. Use smaller baskets or covered baskets for other items you may want to store, such as extra toilet paper, extra hand towels, or soaps and lotions.

5. Put disposables in glass jars. Instead of keeping your items tucked away in your closet, put disposables into glass jars and have them double as decor. You can opt for different sized jars, or all of the same sized jars. Stuff with cotton balls or pads, Q-tips, bars of soaps, make-up and accessories, or anything else you may use often.

6. Add sticker tile to your floor, shower or backsplash to upgrade without a renovation. Find a sticker tile design that you like and add to your floor tiles, behind your mirror as a backsplash, or as a strip inside your shower for a unique, inexpensive touch.

7. Use tall shelving or wall baskets for additional storage. If you're low on space, think UP! Find a tall unit of shelves, hang vertical wall shelves, or hanging baskets for storage to make the most out of the wall space you have.

8. Upgrade your light fixtures. If you have lights above your vanity, upgrade them to match the new aesthetic. Choose light fixtures that match your hardware.

9. Paint! What color is your bathroom? If you have a bold or bright color, it might be time to soften it up to really change the aesthetic. Using a white, soft or neutral color will be best to compliment the rest of your design.

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