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All Things Windows - Types, Treatments and Do's / Don'ts

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Windows allow natural light and fresh air into your rooms. They also help define the style and character of your interior design. The good thing about windows are that you can add more, and/or customize them to fit your needs. By working with a professional, you'll be able to get the best window styles for your space. The next step is to decide on your window treatments by choosing the right fittings to match your personality and portray the character of the space.

Types of Windows

1. Double-Hung Windows: These are the most common windows, with two sashes that slide vertically up and down in the frame. Some can open wide from top or bottom, but they always remain in the frame. On single-hung, only the bottom part operates.

2. Casement Windows: These windows are hinged and operate by turning a crank. They're often hinged on the left or right sides to open outwards.

3. Awning Windows: They're hinged at the top and open outward. They can be installed above, below, or alongside another window.

4. Picture Window: A large stationary window that serves as a glass wall. It lets in the most amount of light, and views, if available!

5. Transom Window: A very narrow window that can be hinged or not, typically mounted about a door or window to allow for more light.

6. Slider Windows: These windows glide along tracks and always have at least one operating window that slides horizontally over the other. This is a very modern / contemporary style.

7. Stationary Windows: These don't open and can be customized in any angle or shape you want.

8. Bay or Bow Windows: These windows give you more interior space by poking out from the exterior of the house. They're a combination of windows, usually with a stationary window and/or double-hung or casement windows.

4 Types of Shades

1. Cellular / Honeycomb Shades - Cellular shades are modern, energy efficient, and can be customized for insulation, light filtering or blackout fabrics.

2. Silhouette Shades - Made up of horizontal fabric, Silhouette shades provide a softer look with the functionality of a horizontal blind.

3. 2" Wood Blinds - Wood blinds are traditional and sophisticated. Their classic look adds a warm feeling to your space.

4. Mesh Roller Shades - Often used in offices or commercial spaces, mesh roller shades offer excellent light control and a clean, stylish look.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are a low maintenance solution that serve many purposes, such as addressing privacy issues, controlling sun and light, updating older window coverings for a more modern / contemporary look, and adding style / character to your room.

Do's & Don'ts

DO Hang Curtains High / Wide - This will make your space look bigger and add an element of luxury with drapes hanging at least a foot above the window frame.

DON'T Hang Right Above Window - If your drape is resting directly above the window frame, it's letting in less light and giving off a crowded look.

DO Layer Window Treatments - Whether you're pairing blinds with drapes, shutters with a valence, or sheer with thick fabrics, you should pair multiple layers. It's more functional, and also defines your style, making your windows a focal point.

DON'T Go Overboard - Keep it simple. Using too much fabric will darken the space and make your room look smaller.

DO Let Curtains Hang to the Floor - Always measure your floor to ceiling before buying curtains! Fabric should gently touch the floor, or hover about a half-inch above. Having curtains that are too short for your space will create an awkward eye-line.

DON'T Purchase Cheap Blinds - Plastic, low-budget blinds will break and discolor, taking away from any drapery or design of the space.

Boston Modern Staging & Design offers custom, made to measure modern window treatments ordered direct from the manufacturer and installed by our professional team. Window shades and blinds are available for both commercial and residential properties. Learn more or contact us today!

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