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Autumn Home Staging Tips

Are you putting your home on the market this season? Try these autumn home staging tips to make your home feel warm and cozy to potential buyers.

Less is More

Too many decorations will take the focus off of your home. Choose a few tasteful accents to create an inviting setting. Display vases of fall foliage, candles with fall scents, or bowls of seasonal fruit.

Bring in Natural Lighting

The sun goes down earlier during the fall season, so it's essential to bring in as much natural light during the daytime as possible. Don't cover any windows with furniture or decor, and be sure to open blinds / shades. If you don't have a lot of natural light, be sure to include plenty of lamps throughout your home.

Choose Bright / Warm Colors

If you're going to refresh your paint (which is always a good idea) choose whites or warm neutrals to soften up the space. Add pops of color through decor using rich shades of caramels and creams, deep reds and oranges, or go a bit bolder with a dark contrast.

Go Cozy

Creating a warm and cozy environment will encourage prospective buyers to take in the atmosphere versus rush through a showing. Accentuate your furniture with lush throw pillows and throw blankets.

Choose Your Scent

Nothing screams autumn like the aromas of pumpkin, spice, vanilla, apples and cinnamon. Before a showing, light some candles, or simmer a pot of apple cider with a stick of cinnamon. If you choose cider, leave out some cups for buyers to enjoy! Be sure not to light too many candles, as you don't want the scent to overpower the room. It also isn't recommended to use too many different scents in your home, keep it to one scent per floor - and do not light candles or have scents in every room, rather keep it to one room and let the smell travel throughout the floor.

Curb Appeal

No matter how amazing your home looks inside, be sure the outside looks just as warm and inviting! Rake up any leaves and patch up brown spots in the grass. Clean your gutters and pressure wash your siding or porches. Decorate with a few pumpkins or fall decor.

Go Luxurious

Layer your bed with silky, soft fabrics to enhance the comforting atmosphere. Display plush towels in the bathroom, or drape a silky table cloth on your dining room table.

Highlight the Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, this is crucial to highlight on a cooler day! Arrange your furniture or artwork so it is a focal point in the room.

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