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Benefits and Types of Custom Window Treatments for your Home or Office

Windows allow natural light and fresh air to fill up your space, however, adding the right window coverings serve many purposes. When deciding on the type and style of your window treatments, you should consider the shape and size of the window, how you use the room and the amount of sunlight you want to let in. Common types of window treatments include curtains, blinds, drapes, sheers and shutters.


Benefits of Window Treatments

Set the tone or enhance your decor - Window treatments can set the tone or enhance the overall appeal of a room. If you're room is already designed, you want to be sure that the treatments compliment the space. Blinds and drapery are often the focal point, so choosing the right color and style is key! There are styles that suit almost any preference -- from modern to traditional and everything in between! You can swap out drapery by season, allowing some change to the character of the space. Heavier fabrics are more common in the cooler seasons, while light and airy fabrics tend to be better in the warmer months. In a business environment, the proper coverings can change the look, feel and mood of your entire office!

Privacy control - By closing your window coverings, you can stop outsiders from having access to viewing your personal space! This is extremely important if you live or have windows on ground level in a higher-traffic area. If you're in an office environment, having the right coverings allow for setting an appropriate privacy level. For example, closing shades during a meeting that may require a higher level of privacy or opening them if you want to welcome visitors or colleagues into your office.

Sunlight control - In certain areas, you may want to allow for extra light to fill the space. However, in your bedroom you may want to block light out all together. With the correct blinds and drapery, you can do just that!

Climate and energy control - Some shades are created to trap air, serving as a thermal insulator. These styles would be beneficial during the hot summer months or cold winter months to prevent heat from entering or escaping. As a result, you will use less of your heating and cooling devices, leading to energy efficiency and less expensive utility bills. Additionally, if you need to protect items inside your home from sunlight and UV rays, such as furniture or certain decor, you can prevent damaged with the right coverings.


Types of Shades

Cellular / Honeycomb Shades

Silhouette Shades

2" Wood Blinds

Mesh Roller Shades

There are no rules to follow when choosing the window coverings that work for your space. It's all about your personal or professional style and needs. Although you may swap out draperies by season, blinds aren't something that can easily be changed every few months. Once you decide on a blind, it can last for many years. If you're unsure about where to begin, or think it's time to update your current window coverings, learn more about Boston Modern Staging + Design's Window Treatment Services.

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