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Designer-Approved Home Color Trends for 2020

During quarantine, many of us have started thinking about updating our spaces, doing small home renovation projects, or even selling -- which means getting your home ready for market. Painting your space is one of the easiest, yet most noticeable changes you can make! A paint color has the capacity to transform a room and create a certain feeling.

Choosing the perfect color can be a bit tricky. You need to decide on how you want the space to make you feel. Do you want something bold and moody? Timeless? Calming? Modern? Dramatic? Here are some of the top colors that designers are using in 2020:

Blues, Greens and Rich Jewel Tones

With 2020 being the start of a new decade, people are leaning more towards a trendier, bolder, deeper color palette. The "all-white" kitchen trend is phasing out, and people are starting to embrace colors. From subtle greens and blues to richer tones, people are taking more risks with their design choices.

Earthy Tones

Cool tones have been the most popular for many years, however, shades of chocolate brown, burnt oranges, wine, olive greens and other natural / earthy tones are taking over! Contrast the warm, natural colors with some wood or neutral furniture.

Black & White

Black and white is a high-contrasting, classic dynamic duo. If you're feeling dramatic, choose a bold pattern, such as large stripes or Art Deco ziggurat tile. Black and white will give you a timeless aesthetic.

Moody Hues

One rule a designer always advises is "timeless over trendy." Timeless neutrals have always been a top choice. However, homeowners are now starting to take risks and opt for more rich, moodier hues. Deep purples, blues and reds are popping into many paint suppliers "best-seller' lists.

Dusty Teal

This warm neutral, with a hint of cool, pairs well with so many colors! Add in natural colors, camel, rust, navy, peach, white oak, birch and a long list of many other colors that would compliment dusty teal. It's not only deep, but calming at the same time.

Warm Pastels

For people who want a bit of a kick on the standard neutral, a pastel is the perfect way to go. Pastels with a bit of warmth or earthy undertones have started making their way into homes -- giving both a springtime and autumnal feel.

Deep Greens

Dark, velvety hues bring a cozy feel to any space. This saturated, rich color feels like a blend of so many other colors and goes with anything! You can strategically place pops of bright colors to add contrast or some whites and neutrals to add warmth and drama.


It doesn't get any more calming than this! Blue-gray evokes wellness, health and healing. It's calming and can be paired with almost any design style - from modern, to farmhouse, to minimalist, to coastal and more.

Navy Blue

Navy blue has dominated the first half of the year, and will most likely continue doing so the second half. Blue is the "new neutral". Pantone's 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, and Sherwin-Williams’s color of the year is Naval, so blue is most definitely one of the top interior colors that is here to stay.

Warm Creams

You can never go wrong with a warm cream or stone color. Stone colors are said to leave you feeling grounded. Try a terra-cotta tone to get that natural, earthy vibe that most homeowners are leaning towards in their designs.


Ocher, magenta and other rich jewel tones are back in style and have been a go-to for adding some kick to any room. This eccentric color-way will add pops of color to any neutral space, creating drama and flair.

Not sure what's right for you? Contact us for a color consultation!

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