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Designers Predict the Hottest 2023 Home Trends

The National Association of Realtors shares 8 trends for the new year - including the greater use of greenery, mixing-and-matching patterns, moodier environments and vintage touches.

Purple Power: Shades of deep purple have become more common - whether in drapery or an accent wall. It adds a sense of moodiness to a space.

Stone Hinged: Stone furniture will be a hot trend in the new year. Many designers will incorporate natural stone in furniture, such as side tables or console tables.

Moody / Softer Lighting: Bright, ceiling task lighting is so last year! A new trend is LED strip lighting along edges / walls and underneath cabinets, or sconces and table lamps for softer lighting.

Fanciful Fluting: Reeding details will continue to stay relevant. Fluting the back of a kitchen island, to glass cabinet fronts, will continue to be seen in designs.

Mixing it Up: Contrasting colors and metals will continue to add visual interest! Bright color schemes with metals, such as gold and silver, will pull the design together.

Retro Touches: Vintage and eclectic collages have been recently preferred over perfectly curated spaces.

The Slab Backsplash: Referred to as a "favorite design trend" for 2023, slabs of quartz and marble are perfect for any design aesthetic. They create a clean, seamless look and are low maintenance.

Home Office Upgrades: With work-life balance increasing, a designated home work space is key for professionals to work remotely. Walls that create interest on video calls are highly sought-after.

Three trends that are out:

- All White Bathrooms

- The Classic Chevron Tile

- Red and Orange Paint Colors

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