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Download RESA's 2020 Consumer's Guide to Real Estate Staging

The Real Estate Staging Association recently released a 42 page Consumer Guide to help agents and home sellers make the most of their home staging investments.

Download your full guide here.


What is staging?

Learn exactly what staging really is and the benefits of home staging.

According to the survey within this guide, 85% of staged homes sold for 5-23% over list price. With an average investment of 1%, approximately 75% of sellers saw an ROI of 5-15% over asking price. Staged homes averaged 25 days on market.

Can't I do this myself and save money?

Where do I even begin?

Not sure where to start? How do you know if a home stager is a good fit for you? This guide shares important tips on finding the right professional.

  1. Research Your Options -- Ask your real estate agent if they have any stager recommendations

  2. View Their Portfolio -- Is your stagers work professionally photographed? Does their staging style fit the architecture of your home? Is all original work shown in their gallery? You can view our Portfolio here.

  3. Inquire About Their Resources and Insurance -- do you see a range of furniture in the homes they are staging or does everything look the same? Ask if they own or rent their furniture. Are all parties properly insured?

  4. Check References -- Ask for client recommendations and speak with someone who has worked with that stager in the past.

  5. Interview Before You Hire -- Most companies will offer a free consultation before entering an agreement. Get bids from a few stagers. Avoid price shopping - it is well worth the investment to choose quality. You get what you pay for! Request a free consultation with Boston Modern Staging & Design here.

  6. Understand the Contract -- If you don't understand something, ask for an explanation.

  7. All Set! -- Get the process started with the stager of your choice, and sit back, relax and let them work their magic!

What about Virtual Staging?

RESA encourages sellers to really investigate the pros and cons of using virtual staging. Keep in mind that although the property may look great in photos, when the potential buyer arrives, they'll be looking at a vacant space with all of the flaws on display.

How do I prepare my home for staging?

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment after checking something off of your to-do list? The 2020 Consumer's Guide to Real Estate Staging shares checklists to keep you organized:

  • Updating Fixtures

  • Cleaning & Repairing Windows

  • Updating & Cleaning The Kitchen

  • Cleaning Bedrooms

  • Updating & Cleaning Bathrooms

  • Exterior Painting Prep Tips

  • Interior Painting Prep Tips

  • Making a First Impression with Curb Appeal

  • Tips for a Great Showing

  • 6 Week Moving Guide Checklist

Do I need to pay for a professional photographer?

In an age where over 90% of homebuyers search for their next home online, professional photographs of your staged home are a fantastic way to make your home stand out above the crowd and attract potential buyers.

Now that your home is ready for the market and you have your checklist (inside the guide) on how to have a great showing --- it's time to focus on your personal 6 week moving checklist!

It's time to move. Where do I begin?

6 Weeks Before Tip: Moving is an excellent time to purge! Take a look at what you have stored -- chances are, if you haven't used it in 6 months (a year for those who have trouble getting rid of things) you most likely no longer need it.

4 Weeks Before Tip: Use Google to search "Chamber of Commerce _____" and fill in the blank with the city you're moving to. The chamber of commerce will have lots of resources in your new community.

1 Week Before Tip: Putting all boxes and items to be moved in one large, easily accessible room in the house helps the movers' job go faster.

Moving Day Tip: If you're moving locally, have someone go to the new house when delivering the first load and one person stay behind to keep the process going.

Download your full guide here.

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