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Easy Curb Appeal Makeovers

It's easy to overlook your curb appeal since we tend to spend the majority of our time at home indoors, especially in the cooler months. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, give your front yard and entrance a makeover! Make a great first impression with these curb appeal makeover tips:

1. Paint or replace your door. The front door is typically the first thing visitors see. If you don't want to replace the entire door, give it a fresh coat of paint and replace the door handle. You can coordinate your handle to match your house numbers.

2. Add a doormat and / or entryway greenery. This will create a warm, inviting aesthetic. Choose a doormat with a fun message or design on it! Add potted plants to bring some color and appeal to your front porch.

3. Upgrade your mailbox. Whether your mailbox is on the road or on your porch, choose one that adds charm and matches the overall style of your home.

4. Add a wreath or decor to your front door. You can change this from season to season, or for different holidays.

5. Upgrade or add window shutters. This is a fairly inexpensive way to change the look of your home. Choose a color or material that coincides with the color of your home. Wooden shutters can be stained or painted, and are often a great way to warm up the look and feel of your property.

6. Plant trees, bushes or flowers. Add some color or greenery to your lawn. With trees, consider how big they'll get and consider how it might affect your property.

7. Replace or add exterior lighting. Buy a light fixture for your porch that reflects the style of your home. Your lights should illuminate your entryway and make it safer in the dark. Add landscape lights to create an appealing visual display at night, also guiding visitors to your main entrance.

8. If you're up for a bigger project, updating your roofing, siding or exterior paint can change the entire look of your property. If you're updating in order to list your home for sale, this upgrade can make a huge impression.

Don't go overboard. Step back and look at your home. You don't want to add too many details. Simply cleaning up your yard, trimming bushes, adding new mulch and decluttering can do the trick!

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25 mei 2020

These front doors are stunning! My heart belongs to the one at the top of the article, love the yellow and violet colors vibrating off each other. Yes, a new front door, or even a freshly painted door will spruce up a home!

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