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Edible Centerpieces That Will Impress Your Guests

If you're hosting for the holidays, shares these fun, edible centerpiece ideas that are definitely Pinterest-worthy!

1) From the Orchard to Your Table - Instead of orange pumpkins, use fresh oranges or mandarins that can double as a snack long after your guests are gone! Pin on using a styrofoam center.

2) An Autumnal Apple Topiary: Think roses, but APPLES! This crisp centerpiece captures the essence of fall.

3) A Bowl of Freshness: If orange and red isn't your thing, try pairing greens and browns together for a stylish presentation. Pinecones and floral branches make a great extra touch.

4) Homemade Cornucopia: We all know the Cornucopia is a staple for the Thanksgiving holiday. HGTV shares how The Chopping Block made one from pizza dough! Stuff with your favorite fall items.

5) Gobble Up These Designs: Do you have kids coming over for Thanksgiving tomorrow? Gather supplies and help them create their own fun turkey centerpieces stuffed with their favorite snack.

6) Center Squash: Use butternut squash as a home for your fall flowers!

7) A Bountiful Theme: Pair together tasty treats such as artichokes, grapes, nuts and pears, all stacked together on a cake plate! You can also sprinkle throughout the table to add a fun element.

8) Mix Flowers with Grape Kebobs: After choosing the perfect floral arrangement, mix with some grape skewers for a fun addition.

9) Natural Elements: This forest-inspired centerpiece uses feathers and layers of moss and nuts. You might not want to eat this, but it adds a nice rustic element to your room.

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