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Holiday Decorating Trends for 2021

Due to the lack of a traditional holiday season last year due to the pandemic, many people are going all out with their family traditions, including home decor, for the 2021 season! Here are this year's top holiday decorating trends.

1) Bright Colors - Although green and red are a Christmas staple, many are opting for brighter, bolder colors. When choosing garlands and ornaments, you don't need to stick with the classics! Etsy reports that searches for colorful, pastel and neon-hued holiday decor surge 47 percent year over year.

2) Massive Ornaments over Inflatables - Having a huge inflatable Santa in your yard can feel outdated. For a more modern outdoor display, try giant ornaments. They can be just as playful and fun as blow-up decor, but offer a but more of a sophisticated look and feel.

3) Dried Floral Wreaths - Dried floral has been trending all year, and Etsy reports skyrocketing interest in these wreaths (up 68% year over year). With a muted color scheme, these have more of a rustic feel. You can always add a pop of color by choosing a style that incorporates dried citrus, lavender or peonies.

4) Showstopping Tablescapes - Creatives are making it easier than ever to get a Pinterest-worthy spread with tablescaping kits. They not only remove the stress and hassle from decorating, but also allow for personal style expression.

5) Mixed Metallics - Who says you have to choose between silver and gold? Mixing metals is trending this year. When combining different tones, be sure the rest of your decor is subtle so it doesn't appear tacky. Accent with small fairy lights and 'less is more' decor.

6) Checkerboard Prints - Checkerboard prints have been trending throughout the year and will continue to do so throughout the holiday season. Etsy reports searches for checkerboard prints are up 37%. From beanies to cutting boards to handcrafted quilts, checkerboard is a great print for both gifts and decor.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Are you decorating for the holidays? What trends appeal to you?

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