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Home Staging Tips for Summer

Knowing how to prepare and sell your home for the summer season can be beneficial for a quick and successful sale. Here are our top home staging tips for summer:

Keep the Temperature Cool

If it's a hot summer day, no one will want to spend time in your house if it's not at a comfortable temperature. If your home has central air, keep the thermostat between 68-70 degrees. If you don't have central air, consider waiting til the cooler fall months to list your home for sale.

Clean the Entryway

Be sure your porch / front door / entryway area is squeaky clean! With summer pollen, bugs and debris, it's imperative you thoroughly clean all of your windows (inside and outside), along with the front door, trimmings, and porch area. If there are any spots with chipped paint (such as on your trim, railings, etc.), but sure to do a quick touch up.

Curb Appeal Matters

Make sure your curb appeal is top-notch! Make sure your lawn is mowed, bushes are trimmed, and walkways / driveways are clear of any mess or debris. The entrance to your home should be as welcoming as possible. Take care of any outdoor maintenance projects. Repaint your door and get a new welcome mat or potted plant to hang out front. If you have a pathway to your front door, consider adding small lights to light up the way for evening showings.

Stage Your Outdoor Living Spaces

One perk of selling your home in the summertime is getting to show how a potential buyer can utilize the outdoor space. Setting up outdoor furniture or different sections to entertain will help make it appear warm and inviting. If you have a pool, be sure to clean it, do any maintenance and make it look brand new!

Light & Bright Spaces

The interior of your home should be light, bright and airy in every single room. Use natural light as much as you can by opening all curtains and blinds. If you have central air, you'll want to keep your windows closed. If furniture is covering windows, try to re-organize your space in a way that the light will shine through. Clear away any clutter so the spaces appear larger.

Use Pops of Color

Although neutrals are typically the way to go to appeal to the widest variety of buyer personalities, using fun, bright pops of color in the summertime is always a good idea! Summer is about brightness, playfulness and sunshine. Using fresh flowers, bright throw pillows or blankets, or any other small furniture pieces, accessories or decor will liven up the space. Don't overdo it!

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