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How to Create a Calming Retreat with Staging

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

The health and wellness industries have gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of years. Homeowners now want their homes to be a calming place to de-stress, and are paying attention to "mindful living". People are focusing on elevating their quality of life by making sure they have a space in their home to unwind, relax and refocus.

How to Create a Calming Retreat with Staging

1. Choose a Neutral, Soft Color Palette

Create a personal space. Whether it's your bedroom, your bathroom, a home office or simply in the a corner of another room, find an area that you'll be able to relax in. Use whites, neutrals and light wooden tones with different textures. Add in minimal prints and curvy furniture designs.

2. Bring Nature Inside

Make sure you're adding plants or flowers to your room. This will add pops of green / color and create an inviting atmosphere. Mix together large and small greenery. Real plants will help purify the air, but you can also opt for faux plants as well.

3. Find Your Spot

Find one dedicated spot in your home that will be your spot. This is the place you will always go to for ultimate relaxation. A nook or small corner will do. The space should be small, but large enough to fit your favorite chair, mat or carpet. Choose light colors, plants, comfortable pillows and blankets, and your favorite artwork or decor. If you can set-up near natural light, that's even better!

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