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How to Get Your Furniture Arrangement Right via Houzz

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Having an empty room can sometimes be a challenge to figure out where things should go to maximize your living space. Houzz published an article sharing basic layouts for a polished-pulled together look in any room:

1. Determine the Functionality -- How will the room function? How will people use it? Answering this will help you decide what type of furnishing you'll need and the seating requirements.

2. Identify the Focal Point -- What do you want people to look at when they first enter the room?

3. Prioritize Pieces -- The largest pieces should be placed first. Avoid pushing furniture up against walls.

4. Consider Symmetry -- If you want formal, create symmetry. If you want a more casual aesthetic, asymmetrical arrangements are better.

5. Traffic Flow -- Don't block a pathway, especially between doorways. Direct traffic around seating groups by using small areas instead of larger ones.

6. Use a Variety -- Vary the sizes of your pieces throughout the room. Balance items by height. Avoid putting two tall pieces next to each other!

7. Design in Contrast -- Combine straight and curvy lines. If your furniture is tall and linear, add in a round table. Combine a chair with legs with a solid table and vice versa.

8. Do Your Planning -- Plan on paper before you start moving furniture around. Measure the rooms dimensions and the size of your furniture, along with location of windows, doors and/or stairs.

Learn more tips and view the original article here.

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