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Interior Design Styles: The Ultimate Guide

As a real estate agent, you need to know different design styles in order to find the best property for your client. As a homebuyer, you should know what styles are appealing in order to assist in the search for your dream home! As a stager or interior designer, knowing the difference in styles is key to achieving the best look and feel for a space.

Most people don't really know all of the elements for any given design movement. How does Traditional differ from Minamalist? How does Contemporary compare to Modern? We break down the top interior design styles and what makes each unique. Use this guide as a reference when looking for inspiration for your next project!

1. Contemporary: Some confuse modern interior styles with contemporary design. However, the main difference is that contemporary styles rely on current trends, while modern takes a more minimalistic approach. Both rely on clean lines and simple palettes. Contemporary is simple, yet inviting and a bit more warm than modern. Contemporary makes use of structural elements, mixes in bold colors with neutrals and grays and pairs quirky furniture pieces with simple flooring and patterns.

2. Traditional: This is a general design style, that incorporates bits and pieces of other styles and eras. It's not devoted to one particular direction. It allows for the most creativity, giving you space to add your own unique, personal touches.

3. Scandinavian: Increasing popular, especially in the Boston area, is Scandinavian interior design styles. By emphasizing a clean, universal palette, Scandinavian style highlights a relaxed all-white space, with texture, and hints of color through art of decor.

4. Rustic: Gathering inspiration from the outdoors and combining that with farmhouse and industrial elements gives you a good old rustic style. Raw wood, metals, stones and leathers, with plush sherpa, a neutral palette, and nature-inspired decor pieces work together to create your overall look.

5. Mid-Century Modern: Using the 50s and 60s as inspiration, mid-century modern brings a simple, straightforward design to your space. Create an emphasis on functionality by using simple silhouettes, organic shapes and quiet fabrics. This rich, clean retro feel can look amazing in almost any room.

6. Minimalist: One of the most modern styles to consider, some people tend to confuse a minimal design with a sense of coldness or uncomfortable. This is false! A minimalist approach emphasizes simplicity, refinement and comfort with functionality. Keep rooms clean and spaced out with only the essentials.

7. Shabby Chic: Antiques, vintage elements, and soft and slightly femme pieces create a luxurious timeless style. Add some gold or bronze metallic to top if off!

8. Coastal: Are you leaning towards beach house vibes in the suburbs? Coastal is your choice. Coastal design features light, bright colors mixed with vibrant neutrals. Choose hues of blues or greens, inspired by the ocean, mixed with soft neutrals for an elegant finish.

9. Industrial: Pair urban vibes with warehouse and factory scraps - piping, bold colors, and metals - for industrial style. This clean, masculine design uses neutrals with industry elements such as reclaimed machinery, raw woods and unfinished metals.

10. Modern Farmhouse: If you want a warm, southern feel that combines practicality and comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, Modern Farmhouse is your style. Rustic elements combined with industrial, minimal and Scandinavian finishes create these unique spaces.

11. Art Deco: Think 1920's glam. Art deco emulates elegance, glamour and sleekness. This style was made popular as being the epitome of chic in the 1920's. By using bold colors, geometric patterns and metallics you can re-create a Great Gatsby-ish look with a luxurious vibe.

12. Bohemian: Bohemian decor represents a careless, yet timeless style. Showcasing exotic finds and vintage and antique furnishings, from flea-market visits to travels around the globe, this style touches on a hint of globally inspired design mixed with an array of everyday glamour.

13. Eclectic: Unlike Bohemian style, eclectic design adds a certain level of energy. Mix together bold colors, textures and patterns with multiple focal points throughout your space.

14. Urban Modern: Mix city life with the best of contemporary, modern, and industrial style for an inspiring approach. Using a mesmerizing mix of chic pieces from different eras paired together to make a statement.

15. Modern Country: This style combines natural, organic and rugged layers. Pair wood with softer accents for a warm, comforting look. Exposed beams, industrial pieces and ivory floral add an elevated style to a natural look.

16. Feng Shui: Most people associate feng shui with the way furniture and decor is arranged, however, it's more than where you place certain things. It has to do with the feeling of harmony, and creating a space that adds tranquility to your daily life.

Want to learn more about any given style? Need assistance with figuring out what would work best in your space? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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